How Much Does It Cost to Design a WordPress Website?

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system. It can be used to create completely professional-looking websites with a few simple taps of the keyboard. However, designing a WordPress website isn’t as easy as it might seem. This article will tell you exactly how much it costs to design a basic wordpress website, and how much you might have to spend depending on what features you require.

Personal Details

When someone orders a web design or hosting package from a professional web design company, they will have to provide a few personal details including name, e-mail address, and phone number. Apart from that, you don’t need to provide any additional information as the hosting company will take care of all the technical details.

For a basic wordpress website, the pricing depends on the size of the package you order. The price will range from $15 per month for the most basic to $25 per month for the most advanced packages. You will need to upgrade your package to the $25 per month plan if you want to use advanced features.

Design Details

The first step in designing a WordPress website is to choose a theme for the site. A theme is a design that will apply to the entire site. It can be as simple as a solid color or pattern, or it can be a full-blown theme with buttons, banners, and other graphic elements.

You will need to make sure that the theme you choose is compatible with WordPress. The best themes normally are, but sometimes you have to pay for that convenience. After you’ve chosen the theme, you can move on to the next step.

Coding & Customizations

Coding & customizations are changes that you make to the template or framework of WordPress. You will need to learn how to code, if you don’t know how to code yet, or if you simply want to make some minor changes to your site. You can learn to code for free from YouTube tutorials or online forums like Stack Overflow.

There are many free tools available online that can help you with the coding part. For example, You can use the Visual Composer plugin to drag and drop customizable elements like text boxes, images, and social media icons on your site’s pages. The best part is that you can use these tools to wirelessly connect with your site’s backend and make changes to your content without having to log in to your hosting account. This way, you can stay in charge of the content on your site while still ensuring that it’s up to date and fresh.

Cost Analysis

Pricing for a wordpress website can vary from $15 per month to $25 per month based on the features you require. Some companies will even charge you an upfront fee of $500 to $1000. Even then, you will still need to upgrade your package to the $25 per month plan if you want the additional features.

If you want to use a free theme for your site, you will need to keep in mind that you can only use a handful of WordPress plugins before your hosting provider will block you. Most free themes have restrictions on what plugins you can use. For instance, the free Avada theme can only be used with the Gravity Forms plugin.

To avoid any surprises once your site is live, you should budget for additional costs that you may incur. These could include paying for web traffic, buying adverts, or buying a premium theme that lacks certain functionality.

This may seem like a lot of work to create a simple website, but once you’ve done it you can really start building on it. You can use the same template to create a fully-featured e-commerce store, or blog, or online magazine. The sky is the limit.