How to Get an Affordable WordPress Website Development Price

WordPress is a free and open source blogging platform that can be simple to use and set up, meaning it’s a popular choice with bloggers who want to create a personal website or blog. It’s also a popular choice with small businesses who want to establish a presence on the web. With so much competition coming from the digital nomads who work remotely from anywhere in the world, the ability to attract loyal, regular audience is crucial.

While there are plenty of cost-effective web developers who build affordable wordpress websites for small businesses, it’s not always easy to find out how much something actually costs. Most companies will give you an estimate when you contact them, but the price can vary depending on how long it takes to work through some boilerplate text with them, and what additional extras you want built into your website. There’s also the issue of whether you want to use their English-speaking staff or find a freelancer in your country who speaks good enough English for the project.

The Best Free Blogging Platform

WordPress is the best choice for bloggers who want to create a personal blog or website, and it’s almost certainly the most popular choice for such individuals. The reason behind this is that it’s a very accessible and straightforward platform to use, even if you don’t have any experience of using a web-building platform. You can download it from, set up a free blog using their simple to follow walkthrough guide, and then begin building your site as you see fit. The amount of content that you can add to your blog, and how regularly you can add it, is almost limitless, and this makes WordPress a very popular choice with those who want to establish a personal blog or website, and need inspiration for their content.

The Downsides

There are some major downsides to WordPress, which are worth bearing in mind if you’re thinking of using this platform to launch your personal blog or website. First and foremost, despite the fact that it’s a free and open source platform, currently has a freemium model in place, which requires you to make an upfront payment before you can actually download and use their platform. This is aimed at keeping costs low for them, as they have to pay their staff to maintain and develop the platform, and want to ensure that they’re not overburdening their limited resources by having to deal with high fees from all their users. The good news is there is no additional charge for using PayPal, so if you do have a PayPal account you can pay the $5 flat fee using that. You don’t need a PayPal account to download WordPress, but you do need one to use their platform. Finally, while it’s relatively easy to add new content to your WordPress blog, managing affiliate commissions for your content can be very complicated and time consuming, and it’s a process that some people find very frustrating.

Why Is Affiliate Marketing Better Than Sole Proprietorship?

If you want to make money online, the vast majority of successful content creators, bloggers, and marketers will advise you to pursue affiliate marketing instead of sole proprietorship. The reason behind this is that when you sign up to be an affiliate marketer with a company like Commission Junction, you will be given a small, dedicated team of analysts who will monitor the performance of your affiliate links and ensure that you earn the most out of each click on your links. Your customers will remain anonymous to you as a brand, and you will only be presented with performance metrics that you can measure and improve upon.

As a content creator, blogger, or marketer, you will be able to choose which affiliate platforms you want to work with, and how much you want to earn per click. Working with a company like Commission Junction provides you with the support you need to succeed as an affiliate marketer, and with the ongoing maintenance and administration of your affiliate accounts taken care of, you can focus on creating and growing your business.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A WordPress Website?

The cost of developing a WordPress website depends on a number of factors, starting with how much content you want to add to your site, and how frequently you want to add it. For a medium sized site that contains a few pages of content, it’s likely to cost you between $400-$600 to download and install WordPress, and between $600-$1,000 to have someone build you a simple, fully functioning blog with a few samples of content published on it. There are some extremely talented web developers out there who can build you a custom-designed, fully functional WordPress website for $500 or less, but for the majority of sites, you’re looking at a price point of $600-$1,000. If you want to develop a larger site with more features, including video and eCommerce functionality, the cost will increase significantly.

Video Tutorials To Help You Get Started

One great way to quickly get familiar with WordPress is to watch video tutorials from professionals who are already experts in the field. The video tutorial series from Justin Fox ([email protected]) walks you through the steps needed to launch a successful blog or website using WordPress, and he also includes video tutorials on how to edit your content using the platform. These videos are aimed at drawing you in and getting you to sign up for a free trial of WordPress so that you can develop and test out your ideas on a live, functioning website.

Is ECommerce Functionality Worth Having?

With the increase of online stores and online marketplaces that sell directly to the consumer, online commerce functionality is more important than ever before. If you’re considering a blog or website as an extension of your product or service offering, you should look into adding eCommerce functionality, which can be readily achieved within via the Shop plugin, or through a third-party store like Shopify or WooCommerce.

Word Of Advice

If you’re thinking of using WordPress to launch your blog or website, make sure to consult with an experienced web developer or digital marketer who can guide you through the process and get you up and running with a functional, secure website as quickly as possible. An excellent resource for finding an expert in your area who can help you with setting up WordPress is to ask other content creators, bloggers, or marketers for their opinions on the platform, or to browse through their websites to see what software they use and how they implemented their functionalities.