How to Make WordPress Website Designers Love Your Website

You have just launched your new WordPress website and you are so excited to show it to the world. You spent a lot of time and effort building it and you would love to see all the compliments. But, there is a problem. While you were busy creating this wonderful website, your web designer made some small changes that seem really appealing to your audience and now you are struggling to convince them to come back.

Do you want to know how to make WordPress website designers love your website?

Here are some tips on how to make WordPress website designers fall in love with your website.

Keep The Navigation Simple

The main navigation or menu of your website is quite often the first element that a web visitor sees when visiting your site. You can have a fancy logo and a nice little blurb about your company, but if the navigation bar is not easy to use and does not bring any value to the table, you are wasting your time and effort.

Your website visitors are already struggling to figure out where they should go on your homepage. Adding a secondary navigation that is not helpful for any purpose is simply asking for confusion. Keep your navigation bar simple and only include important links.

The Homepage

Your website’s homepage is one of the most important pages and you should spend a lot of time thinking about it. You want to make sure that everything is perfect, from the layout and the typography to the images and the links. You should also work on creating a flawless flow from page to page so that the visitor does not get distracted and come back later feeling lost.

Once you have launched your new website and are busy getting some content published, it is quite easy to make little changes to the homepage so it fits your taste. While it is important to have a distinct branding throughout your website, the homepage is a place where you can implement some small changes that will make a big difference. Changing the colors or the layout is usually a simple matter of changing a few lines of CSS code and checking how the page looks in the browser.


Your website’s content is one of the most important parts and you should put a lot of effort into it. You want to make sure that the content is well-written and offers valuable information to your website visitors. You should focus on creating content that is easy to understand and contains enough details for the reader to learn or benefit from what you have to offer.

People who visit your website are already struggling to figure out what to read, so it is your job to make sure that they stay a while and get the most out of their visit.

While creating content for your website is quite easy, making sure that everything flows smoothly and that the reader does not get bored is not. You want to avoid creating content that is too wordy or too technical and instead focus on offering practical advice or tutorials that will help your audience. Also, you want to make sure that all your content is of good quality so that it does not come off as cheap or low-cost materials.


Images are always a good way to draw more attention to your content and they are widely used on the web these days. You should try to add as many images as possible to your website and make sure that they are of good quality.

Having a variety of images will not only make your website look more engaging but it will also help your website visitors understand your content better. However, make sure not to go overboard with the images and end up with a giant slideshow.

Instead, you can use a tool like Smush to optimize your images or an app like Canva to create perfect-looking infographics without needing any design skills.

With all these tips in mind, you can start to see how much easier it is to make WordPress website designers love your website. You can get inspiration for your next project from [Title]: How to Make a DIY Summer Kitchen That You Will Love To Cook In
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How to Make a DIY Summer Kitchen That You Will Love To Cook In

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Make A Backyard Kitchen

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Get A Grill

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Make sure to invest in some good quality meat hooks so that you can easily remove the meat when it is cooked. You should also look into buying a [Title]: barbecue thermometer [/blog article]:

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