How to Edit Your WordPress Website on a Smartphone

You’ve just gotten your new smartphone. Congrats! It’s small, has a great screen, and runs the latest software. You’ve already downloaded all your favorite apps and made several dozen phone calls to your friends. You feel really blessed and treat yourself to a big steak dinner. For dessert you decide to make a pie with all the leftover ingredients. You’ve just finished baking the pie when your phone rings. It’s your dad, he wants to talk to you about your new phone. He always knew what was up with you and your tech stuff, he doesn’t even need to ask you about it. You tell him you’re busy, but you made a mistake and there are some files on the SD card that he needs to look at. You remind him of the importance of backups and the need to be careful when using the internet on unfamiliar computers. He nods and says he’ll be careful. You then tell him you’re going to go edit your WordPress website on the go. He asks how and you tell him you’ll find a way. You then ask if he’s ever used WordPress and he says he isn’t sure but he thinks he might have. You then ask if he knows where the login information is and he says no, but he’ll look it up for you. You then ask if he’s used Cloudflare and he says no, but he’s heard of them. You then ask if he knows where the WordPress login information is, and he says yes, it’s in the cookie file.

One Mobile Device At A Time

You’re one of the many people who’s got their hands on multiple devices. Maybe you’ve got a laptop for work, a tablet for reading, and a smartphone for everything else. It’s great having all these devices but it’s also really easy to fall into the smartphone trap. You want to answer all your email on the go, you want to read a Twitter feed while you cook dinner, and you want to find the best Instagram story for your current filter. It’s easy to get distracted by all these apps and forget about the tasks at hand. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to try and use multiple devices to edit your site at the same time. Unless you’re independently wealthy, it’s not a good idea to edit your site while on your laptop as you’ll most likely end up needing to get up and use the bathroom anyway. This leaves your tablet and smartphone out in the cold. You won’t be able to use either one to edit your site without losing work or having to start over from scratch. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to invest in one device that does it all. For example, if you’ve used up all the storage on your phone, it’s time to move up to a larger device. If you always keep forgetting to log out of your laptop when you go to edit your site on your phone, it’s time to get a dedicated device for that purpose. If you’re regularly losing work due to software issues or corrupted files, it’s time to get a newer version of the software or a fresh install on a hard drive.

Worried About Virus Protection?

Some of your fellow webmasters are really, really concerned about getting infected by viruses when editing their sites from a smartphone. Since you can’t use a mouse to click through a webpage on a touch device, it is rather easy for hackers to get a hold of your personal information. That’s why many webmasters install anti-virus software on their smartphones prior to editing their sites. It’s also a good idea to run a malware scan on your device prior to using it to edit websites. If you’re worried about getting a virus on your device, it’s best to either get a new smartphone or tablet or to download the anti-virus software to your existing device. Not all smartphones are created equal, some come pre-loaded with virus software while others do not. The good news is there’s an easy solution to the virus infection problem. Just make sure you keep your devices up-to-date by regularly updating the software as well as checking for any threats (viruses, malware, etc) before using them.

Won’t Backups Solve Everything?

Another common issue among smartphone users is that they don’t make regular backups of their sites. When you get your smartphone, you’re practically bombarded with offers to install a backup app on your device. While this might sound like a great idea at first, it’s actually quite the opposite. When you’re on the go and have no access to a power outlet, it’s rather easy for things to go wrong. One of the biggest dangers of backing up to the cloud is the risk of losing all your work if your device is stolen, damaged, or goes kaput. With regular local backups to a USB drive or SD card, you stand a chance of recovering all your work if something goes wrong. It’s never a good idea to count on cloud backups to save your work. The only exception is if you have a paid account with a reputable cloud-based storage provider, in that case, you can rest assured knowing that you can restore your work from anywhere.

Security Is Key

Whether you realize it or not, your smartphone is a security hazard when connected to your network. It’s best to avoid connecting your phone to public WiFis since they’re often insecure and might contain malware. When you’re on private WiFis, your security depends on you. You can lock down WiFi security with a password (and make sure to change it frequently) or you can use a VPN to encrypt all your data before it travels over the network. You should also be sure to update all the apps on your phone as often as possible to prevent vulnerabilities.

With all these potential security risks, it’s no wonder why so many people are afraid to edit their sites on the go. In the end, it’s all about personal responsibility and being smart about what you expose your device to. Just remember to be careful when using public WiFis and make sure to always keep your devices updated with the latest security patches. If you want to edit websites on the go, it’s best to use a device that you don’t need to plug into a power outlet. This way, you’re less likely to run into issues regarding battery life. If possible, download the software to a desktop and use that to edit your site. Not only will this save you from all the potential security risks, it’ll also make fixing issues much easier (if any occur).