Resume Writing – WordPress Website Examples

If you are looking for inspiration to write your resume, you have come to the right place. This article will go over 6 different websites that were created using WordPress. You will learn about the advantages of each platform and how to choose the right one for your situation. is one of the biggest websites for resume writing services. They have a broad range of templates to choose from and even have an expert team of writers ready to help you write the perfect resume.

The reason why we use is two-fold. First, it is quite easy to use. Just log on to their site, choose a resume template that appeals to you, and begin composing your resume.

Second, their customer service is excellent. If you have a question about whether or not their service is right for you, they will be more than happy to assist you.


Just like, the DailyResume team offers templates to choose from as well as a writing service. However, their unique selling point is that they update their templates regularly. For example, their latest newsletter informs us that they have a new resume design available. If you are interested in trying out their latest product, you can click here to visit their site directly.

The advantage of using their services is that you will have access to a constantly updated library of resume templates. The disadvantage, however, is that their templates are paid for. If you want to keep your resume unique, you will have to find a way to pay for the creation of your resume.


Like the DailyResume and websites, Myresume is another place where you can get a resume written for you. However, the key difference between these sites is that you have complete control over the content of your resume. For example, you can add your own text to any of the ready-made text blocks.

This is also the place where you can choose the colors, fonts, and any other aspects of your resume that you want to control. While this feature is nice, it also means that you will have to do some research and find the right writer for the job. But if you are looking for a place to write your resume, this is probably the best option available.


Resumé is yet another website where you can get a resume written for you. However, there is a catch. To get access to their services, you will have to make an account on their site. Once you do, their unique offering (compared to the other websites on this list) is that you can upload a resume in a word processor format. You will then have to email it to them, along with a cover letter and any additional material they may request. You can’t control the content of your resume once you make it online, so this is a bit of a risk.

The advantage of using their services is that you can have a professionally-written resume in no time at all. The disadvantage is that this form of advertising can be somewhat intrusive. For example, they might email you periodically to see if you are interested in new jobs or to revisit you application for a specific position.


Careerjet is a job search website that was designed for people looking for remote work opportunities or for a job relocation. Therefore, they have a lot of templates geared toward people seeking international work or moving around the country for their job search. But even if you are not looking to make a huge move, there is still plenty here for you to explore.

The advantages of using their services are many. First, they have a great team of career advisors who can help you tailor your resume and cover letter to the job you are aiming for. Second, they have a lot of jobs available from all over the world. If you are seeking international work opportunities, this is a great starting point.

CV / Resume Builder

CV/Resume Builder is a simple to use, yet very effective website that gives you a leg up in the competitive job market. First, it is important to note that this website is free. So the only downside is that you will not get access to all of its features without first creating an account. But if you want to write a professional resume, this is probably the best choice available.

The advantages of using their services are two-fold. First, you get to choose a resume template that has all the required information in a clear and concise way. Second, you can upload a resume directly from your computer, which saves you the time and effort of having to type the text into a word processor.

But the disadvantages of using their services are numerous. First, the information you provide is easily accessible by employers. Therefore, it is important to keep your resume concise and to the point. Second, you have to pay for each job you apply for, so it is important to weigh the costs versus the benefits of using their services. Third, you can’t control the content of your resume once it is done, so make sure you are careful with what you write. Lastly, although they claim that their service is very user-friendly, beginners will have a much easier time using it compared to more experienced users. So if you are still unfamiliar with how to write a resume, this could be a bad choice for you.

To conclude, we would like to point out that writing a resume can be quite challenging. Whether you are just beginning or you are already an experienced professional, these websites can help provide you with the guidance and tools to write the perfect resume.