WordPress Website Templates with Vivid Colors

Website templates are usually black, with maybe a little bit of blue. However, sometimes you need a little bit more than that. When it comes to your website’s visual appeal, it is important to keep in mind the colors you use. After all, your site’s design is essentially responsible for catching the eyes of your target audience and encouraging them to stay awhile.

Fortunately, there are WordPress templates available that allow you to inject some life into your site’s design. In this article, we will discuss five free, premium-quality WordPress website templates that utilize vibrant colors and attractive designs to draw in visitors and make them stay a little longer.

The Sun

If there is one thing designers love, it’s beautiful sunsets. In a nutshell, the sunset template by Themeforest offers users a magnificent sunset background accompanied by a bright yellow sun that pops against the darkening sky. As appealing as the visual imagery is, the text is where this template truly shines. In addition to using the perfect Spanish language, the designers of this template have taken the time to tailor the copy to each product’s appeal. For example, if you are selling luxury goods, you might want to use elegant but still simple language to appeal to a more refined audience.


Another colorful option available from Themeforest is the magenta template. Like the sunset template, the magenta template features a gorgeous sunset as its background scene. However, in this case, the brilliant orange sun is set against a deep blue sky. The combination of these two contrasting colors is truly stunning, especially when set against a white backdrop. Additionally, the text has been carefully crafted to match the template’s design scheme. If you are a fan of the magenta, then you will likely love this WordPress template.

Bordeaux Wine

The bordeaux wine template from Themeforest does not merely rely on good old-fashioned imagery. With its burgundy and gold hues, this WordPress template also makes good use of the words on the page to create an immersive experience for the reader.

As with many other WordPress templates, the copy on this page is also well written and uses elegant language. However, the template’s designers also incorporated numerous other styles, colors, and fonts into the web page to create something unique. Of course, when designing a website, it is always best to remain unique. After all, no two websites are exactly alike, and that is what makes each one special.

Hotels And Holiday

If you are looking to create a luxurious travel website, then you can use the hotels and holiday template by Themeforest. We bet you will not be able to open this page without becoming completely absorbed in the hotel’s or vacation rental’s majestic imagery. In addition, the designers of this page have used their aesthetic sense to incorporate various luxurious details, such as hand-painted walls and wood floors into the site. All in all, this template is certainly a feast for the eyes.

Unlike the other four templates we have discussed so far, the hotels and holiday template does not utilize vibrant colors to draw attention to itself. Rather, it stays true to its traditional blue and black hues. Nevertheless, with its luxurious details and eye-catching design, it is indeed a feast for the senses.


In a nutshell, the crystal template from Themeforest is an elaborate design made entirely out of text. With its elaborate use of whitespace and vivid color choices, this WordPress template will no doubt draw in any visitor to the site. However, if you are looking to create a luxurious travel website, the detail-oriented readership of the crystal template will undoubtedly want to stay a little longer and explore the site’s content.


For our last recommendation, we move on to the candy template from Themeforest. As the name suggests, this WordPress template is all about sweets with its pink and yellow hues. However, beyond the design’s bright colors, it also makes good use of wood floors and trey ceilings to give it an old-fashioned, vintage charm.

Not many people can resist candy on a stick and this template’s designers have taken the time to craft a delicious-looking confection. Moreover, the copy on this page is equally as tantalizing. We bet you will not be able to resist the temptation to dive right in and try out this exciting new resource.

Hopefully, these five websites templates with vibrant colors will inspire you to come up with your own designs for your own websites. Moreover, being able to utilize various colors to your advantage is one of the greatest perks of working with WordPress. Good luck!