Y Sing Wundeful WP Theme Review: Is It For You?

I’ll admit it, I’m a fan of Y Sing. Not only is their design attractive, but they have a lot of features that make building a blog much easier. But just because I like their design doesn’t mean that their theme is perfect for everybody. In this article, I’ll review Y Sing’s WordPress theme and try to answer the question: Is it for you?

Key Features

A quick look at the theme’s features shows that Y Sing have packed a lot of value into their product. Not only do they provide the standard features that you would find in most other WordPress themes (like a header, footer, and sidebar), but they also add some additional perks that make building a blog easier. For instance, they have implemented an optional shortcode that creates a table of contents for your articles. Another useful feature is the custom thumbnails provided by the theme. And if you use their drag and drop page builder, you’ll even get additional features like animated banners and overlays.


When it comes to blog design, I always look for themes that are user-friendly. The Y Sing theme is no exception. Not only does it come with features that make building a blog a lot easier, but it’s also equipped with a bunch of UI elements that make reading content much more pleasant. But while the aesthetics may be attractive, the theme isn’t exactly easy to navigate. There are several elements on the front-end that could be better organized, and it takes a little while to figure out how things work. This makes it less appealing for beginners who are just getting started.

Value For Money

Now, price is always a key consideration when purchasing a product or service. And while Y Sing’s price may seem a little high at first, it’ll probably seem like a good deal once you take into consideration all the features that the theme provides. On the surface, the theme costs $29. However, it comes with two premium options: $19 per month for Enhanced Support and $49 per month for Commercial Use. The difference between the two is that the latter provides you with additional functionality that you can utilize for commercial purposes. But for the price, you’re getting a premium product that provides a lot of value. It’s also important to note that if you purchase the Commercial Use license now, it’ll be discounted to $39.99 per month. 

Final Takeaway

Overall, I really like the Y Sing WordPress theme. Not only is it well-designed and packed with tons of value, but it’s also extremely easy to use and set up. Plus, at $29, it’s an affordable option for anybody who is just getting started. If you’re looking for an attractive and simple solution to create and maintain a blog, then I highly recommend Y Sing.