How to Create a Website in Under 10 Minutes with WPSculpter

It’s always great when a product or a service you’re trying to promote on Social Media is mentioned on a major news website and the person writing the story happens to be an active user of your product/service.

This is exactly what happened when I promoted my new product on Social Media recently. A major British news website ran a story mentioning my product, which is what I call a ‘buzzword’ (or a word or phrase that is popular with Millennials or Gen Z and is likely to become more popular in the near future).

Buzzwords are great to have in your quiver when you’re trying to market a business, product or service, as they are often used by people who are interested in your area of expertise. In this case, the writer used my product to illustrate how he can reduce the stress of writing a thesis or dissertation.

Create A Product Review Blog

Not long ago, people used to read newspapers and magazines to get news and information. Now, with so much content available online, people are using their laptops, tablets and smartphones to get their news and updates.

If you’re looking to create a review site, you should first consider what will make your site special?

You can start by considering the subject matter of your site. Do you have a specialized interest like SEO or digital marketing?

If so, consider focusing on topics related to those interests. It’s always great when a product you promote is also used by major news websites to illustrate their stories.

Build A Community

When you’ve got a growing number of readers visiting your site regularly, you can turn to the other important area of a review blog – community building.

Start A Conversation

With a bit of luck, your readers will engage with your content and start a conversation with you.

The beauty of a blog is that it’s like a conversation. When someone leaves a comment on your site, you can reply to them. If you’ve got a popular blog, you might suddenly find yourself having a conversation with a lot of people.

Make Money

If you can get some cash flow – even if it’s just a few dollars each month – you can use that to grow your blog.

Put All The Pieces Together

When you’ve got a well-oiled review blog that’s getting a little bit of money each month, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

You can grow your review site to the point where it’s making a decent amount of money and then use that to scale your business. Or, you can keep growing and monetizing and use the money to fund further growth.