Yellow and Gray Website Templates for WordPress

Creating a new website is easy. But making it look fantastic and keeping it fresh and up-to-date can be hard. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and curated this list of the best WordPress website templates. These templates are flexible and sleek, and they’ll give your new site an experienced, professional look in no time.

Each template on this list is equipped with a variety of features that will help you get the most out of your website.

So, let’s get to it. Here are the best yellow and gray website templates for WordPress.

SquareCo Website Template

This is a premium WordPress theme, but you can use it for free if you want to make a professional-looking blog for personal use. It comes with a sleek, modern design and a color scheme that’s perfect for infographics, podcasts, and blogs — industries that are growing year after year.

With SquareCo, you get a fully responsive (mobile-friendly) design that adapts to any screen size. What’s more is the Template is totally customizable. That means you can change the background image, text color, and more without touching a single line of code.

The developers at VisualComfort understand how tiresome it can be to find a niche market for yourselves when you’re dealing with giant corporations that have entire marketing departments. So, they’ve built a business theme that’s ideal for creating websites for lawyers, accountants, and other professional service providers. It comes with a clean, modern layout and the perfect amount of features. Plus, it’s got a flexible pricing structure that takes the stress out of wondering whether or not you can afford the monthly costs of a premium theme.

iWriter Website Template

This one is perfect for creative individuals and other businesses that want to express their identity through their website. It comes with a minimalistic, blog-like design that’s ideal for influencers, designers, and other creative individuals who want to showcase their work.

The best part about this template is its modular structure. That means you can take advantage of its extensive features by simply dragging and dropping blocks of content that you can use to build out your site. For example, you can use the About Us page headline, tagline, and content area to create a quick and easy-to-maintain front page for your website.

This template also includes Google Fonts, so you can update the font used throughout your site with a single click. You don’t have to worry about choosing a typeface, as FontShop provides you with a solid set of fonts to choose from. Also, the developers have enabled you to add custom CSS styles to your site. That way, you can style headlines, fonts, colors, or even the layout of your entire site.

Coder Website Template

If you’re looking for a free solution (aside from the SquareCo template), then check out Coder. This is one of the best free WordPress themes that you can customize to fit your needs. It’s extremely easy to use, comes with a variety of custom widgets that you can add to your site, and features a sleek, modern design.

You can use the theme for non-commercial projects as long as you give the developers some recognition for their work. Otherwise, the copyright law may prohibit you from doing so.

Skeleton Website Template

Another great option for those needing a free solution is Skeleton. This is another premium WordPress theme, but it’s worth the cost. It comes with a minimalistic aesthetic that’ll make your site look clean and sharp.

You can use it for personal, commercial, or educational use, as long as you don’t feature paid advertisements or sell any products. Otherwise, you may have to pay a large sum of money in order to use this template legally.

Divi Website Template

Divi is one of the most popular WordPress themes that you can download for free. This is a robust, SEO-optimized solution that’s flexible enough to handle all your website needs. It has a modern look with a heavy focus on typography and grid-based layouts, making it an ideal choice for those looking to create a polished, professional appearance for their site.

The best part about this template is how easy it is to use. Simply activate the Divi theme, click on the customize icon (), and you can start making changes to the way your site looks. You don’t need to know any code in order to make updates to your site. Plus, with Divi, you get a variety of useful widgets that you can add to your page, along with a slew of pre-built layouts to choose from.

If you’re looking for a free solution, then check out Divi. It’s one of the most flexible, SEO-optimized WordPress websites themes available. Plus, it’s got a modern design that’s perfect for creating a polished, professional appearance for your site.

Tropical Website Template

Tropical is a unique, handcrafted WordPress theme that’s inspired by American tropical lifestyle. It features a distinctive yellow and gray color scheme that highlights the juxtaposition of light and dark elements. What’s more is the theme is totally flexible and responsive, meaning it’ll look good on any device.

This theme is perfect for blogs and websites that want to portray a sense of luxury and comfort. What’s more is it’s got all the basic amenities that you need to create a professional-looking website.

Clean Website Template

This is the ultimate in terms of flexibility if you’re looking for a free solution. Simply choose a template of your liking from the list above, and you can start building your site. It comes with all the necessary features that you need to create a professional-looking, on-brand site. Plus, it’s simple to use because it doesn’t require any coding knowledge.

No matter which template you choose, at this point, you should have a clear idea of what features you need in order to create a functional and appealing website. With that, you can move on to the next step which is…

Make It Live!

Before you know it, you’ll have a fully functional and functional website that you can use to spread the word about your business. Create something unique and special that will draw in potential customers and make them stay connected to your brand. As you begin to grow your business, you can take advantage of the free version and make additional changes to the website to reflect your growth.

In terms of design, colors, and layout, these themes are all flexible which means you can easily adapt them to suit your needs. What’s more is they’re completely mobile-friendly, so you can easily create a perfect mobile experience for your audience.

WordPress is a versatile solution that allows you to build out a new website with ease. With that, you can get your business or personal website online and onto the path to profitability.